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Novelty documentation is totally committed to provide you the best documents with a lifetime validity. Our quality is un-questionable and almost second to none. Their quality and built is almost weather proof and it is used from Australia to the United Kingdom. Bright students could take our made passport and apply to any world class university or any institution of higher learning. Students from around the world try their best to go through the process of getting admissions in some of the world famous universities in Australia, Canada, U.K, U.S.A and other places. It’s a dream of acquiring a world class degree from any reputed institute of reputed learning. There is a considerable pressure from the home front and the ever challenging job sector. There is a continuous demand to excel in any relevant field to get well-settled in the future. This passport will give him or her the gate pass to achieve it. Passport and individual identity cards are of equal importance to anyone, particularly to students and other professionals.

In many cases they secure their futures as students and career oriented future professionals. Doctors, lawyers, accountants and technocrats are all included in this. Novelty documentation offers them the best quality identity badge at the best available price. We use the best quality raw materials and employ best available technical knowhow in producing these documents. Our best available printers, scanners and hologram printing machines are used in making identity cards, passports etc. This helps them to maintain their quality at the best. Since we are employed by various administrations around the globe, so we have to maintain a certain credibility for making these documents. This helps us to set our standards quite high and we strictly maintain it to a certain level. All our raw materials and the production process is on a continuous check by renowned international quality control agencies. From the making of Identity cards, passports to driving licenses all are produced on a priority basis.

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Customers are advised to have some patience in getting their things done. Our aim is to deliver the identity document in a fool proof manner. We make a thorough check of all relevant documents of the concerned person and if found all in proper order, then we issue the identity document in his or her name. Customers are always requested to provide fool proof information, which helps us to process the relevant application on a priority basis. All the documents are sent through rigorous screening process. In certain controversial applications, we even employ government agencies in the case of enquiry. If the screening comes out in a fair manner, then the process goes serially as like other normal passports. Generally, there is no large backlog in the processing the documents and all goes normally. However in certain cases, there is a need for some extra care. This requires considerable amount of time and eventually the printing and processing gets delayed for a considerable period of time.

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We maintain our printers/scanners and hologram printers operate almost on a round-the clock basis. We maintain our machines to the optimum level and they are regularly looked after with utmost care. Our trained personal operate these machines in the most hygienic and pollution free environment. These highly mechanized automated machines operate relentlessly due to the increasing demand of passports, driving licenses and personal identity cards. Our produced documents are so much in demand in the current context that many promising individuals wait anxiously to get hold of them. Holding them in their palm that brings them the feeling of a coming bright opportunity that opens up before them. It could be a creamy job or the help to get an admission at a premium college. All these brings considerable amount of economic benefits to a large number of persons. this also helps in the growth and development of the domestic economy to a considerable attractive position.


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