How to order

We work in a variety of environments, some are conservative in nature while the others are liberal. A liberal environment offers us the flexibility to perform our duties in a holistic manner. It gives us an option of streamlining our responsibilities as per priorities involved with it. We could hardly deal with any kind of adventurism in producing these important documents. We will have to take care about all the data and related information in the making of a passport or driving license. Many administrations offers the flexibility among the citizens to make their passport with their choice of makers. We are among the few designated companies, to make these documents on behalf of the citizens. We operate within a set of rules and regulations, in the making of these personalized documents. After the making of a passport it is despatched to the designated Foreign Service office. Then after a thorough checking it is issued in the name of that person’s and dispatched. This is the normal process of making a passport.

In certain cases, where there is some kind of controversy about the designated person, then a thorough inquiry is conducted and if any kind of discrepancies are found, the process is put on hold. It is not re-opened until all the doubts are completely cleared. However, in our review process, if we come across any type doubt about the concerned person and if anything is not found in order, then the process of making a passport or a driving license is completely stopped. We do not wish to involve ourselves in any kind of controversy or problems. It could land us in big trouble and could even affect our future business prospects. All our orders are issued through the administration in general terms and conditions. In certain free societies, people get the privilege to choose their own passport maker. Though, it will be finally issued by the foreign ministry.

Step 1

First of all you need to contact our customer service, (depending on the document you want to order). We receive and process your order and give you payment instructions

Step 2

You pay 60% upfront money as an advance for processing your document

Step 3

We then process your document(s) with lightening speed. Time constraints are 2-5 days (depending on your order).

Step 4

We send you scan/photos of your ready-made document(s). You check all the details and give us confirmation.

Step 1

You send us the rest of full amount and your delivery address. You will receive your document(s) in several days via UPS, FedEx or DHL (free of charge for you).


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